Thursday, April 3, 2008

Personal Philosophy

I did something that I’m pretty sure is stupid, and I’m pretty sure is ultimately going to cost me, not only money, but faith in human nature (neither of which I possess in any appreciable quantity…)

It has to do with where one draws the line between the professional and the personal. And whether, these days, there is really a line at all. Especially since, in MY case, my work IS my life, for all intents and purposes…

…One of my philosophies of business, of my LIFE, is that I know I can’t change the world; but if I can make one person’s life easier, do something that makes a difference in one person’s life, that is success. In the end, it’s not about amassing piles of stuff or making a fortune. It’s about doing good. And if you CAN do good, and you DON’T…well, then you’re not worth the space you’re occupying on the planet.

It’s easy to write checks, take the tax deduction, and say that you’re "doing good." It’s not so easy to take the risk on people you know. Where you can see the results. When you know right away if you’ve thrown your investment of time, wisdom and money right down the toilet. But isn’t that the risk we need to take for one another? Isn’t that the real way to "pay it forward?" I don’t know…I’ve gone out on a limb like this before for people in my life, and I have ended up getting smacked in the face for my trouble. But that can’t make me afraid to step up when the next opportunity presents itself. It can’t.

…if I’m going to go down, I’d rather it be because I gave away too much than because I couldn’t get enough.

Does that make sense?